Innovative Approach
A whole new way of thinking for planning, budgeting, tracking and managing schools with highly effective software that leads to better decisions and achievement of better schools.
Elegant Human Resources Database
Organize all your HR data in an elegant database that ensures data consistency and promotes employee collaboration.
Strategic Position Management
Precisely define all positions, staff them with employees and project costs to achieve strategic educational objectives.
Accurate Projections
Fast and accurate salary and benefit projections via an extensive collection of algorithms for position budgeting and what-if alternatives analysis.
Innovative Budgeting Methodologies
Multi-year, structured, school-based budgeting that focuses on goal achievement and enhances decision-making to create better schools.
Powerful HR and Financial Analytics
Use an extensive collection of built-in analytics tools for qualifications, statistics and costs to measure key performance indicators and gain strategic insights.
Robust Report Writers
A collection of easy-to-use, stylized report writers is unmatched in providing meaningful, easy-to-understand summary and detailed insights into your HR and financial data.
Better Decision-Making
Extensive tools for decision-making including multi-year projections, comparing what-if propositions, costing out labor negotiations and building school-based budgets.
Cost-Effective SaaS
Cost-effective Software-as-a-Service with no startup costs, no long-term obligations and no hardware and systems software expense for a fixed annual fee.
Rapid Deployment
Installed, configured and get started in days not years. ... with no setup fees! On-line training and documentation rapidly brings users up-to-speed.
A Proven Technology Ecosystem
Workstation, mobile and web apps integrated with powerful servers and an extensive database via fast networking is a proven technology ecosystem for delivering cloud software into the future.
Extensive Schools and Software Experience
Analytic's developers have careers of experience in developing high performance software for school's human resources, budgeting, finance and data analytics.