Technology Essentials


Extremely Cost-Effective with zero startup costs, no long-term obligation or system costs.

Intelligent Computation

Extensive algorithms and data structures are the core of a powerful computation engine.


24/7 availability world-wide
and continuously verified backup/recovery plans.

Fast & Responsive

Optimized servers, algorithms and data structures yields fast response and high performance.

Proven Design

Consistency and accuracy are a result of 12 years of design improvements.

Security & Privacy

Multiple layers of encryption and intrusion protection provide a high level of security.

Client Isolation

Multi-tenant architecture provides total client isolation in the database and transactions.

Scalable & Extensible

Scalable to large and unlimited users and easily extendable in function and features.

The Analytic Cloud

Redundancy of all data center components and located right on the main internet backbone.

Fast Networking

Minimal layers of translation and lean protocols make for very fast networking.

Technology Components

All mainstream, native, proven technologies. No unsupported frameworks or systems.

Date-Sequenced Methods

Computational methods driven from a fully date-sequenced database.