Human Resources Essentials

Position Management

Logical, intuitive and easy to manage. Define positions to achieve educational goals.

HR Data all in One Place

One consistent database for all your HR data. Not dozens of unrelated spreadsheets.

Employee Information

Extensive fields for Directories, Demographics, Qualifications, Status and Jobs.

Position Definitions

Detailed definitions by Job, Site, Function, Subject, Calendar, Units and Budget.

Date-Sequenced Records

Start and end dates on all records provide for precise computations.

School-Based Tracking

Position budgeting facilitates monitoring school-based performance and accountabiity.

Certification Tracking

Track degrees and credentials and notifiy employees of upcoming due dates.

Employee Evaluations

Manage evaluation cycles and track employee evaluation progress by managers.

Picture Galary

Put a face to on all employees and foster collaboration with managers.

Extraordinary Reporting

Flexible report writers with extensive selection and styling options for all types of HR data.

Analytics Tools

Built-in analytics on demographics, education, compensation and more.

What-if Analysis

Easily analyze what-if propositions by comparison of alternative scenarios.

Employee Collaboration

On-line notification tools via mobile and web apps facilitate time-saving collaboration.

Customer Support

Timely and responsive.
We listen and value your requests and suggestions.

Security and Privacy

Multiple data encryption protects your employee's security and privacy.