Financial Essentials

Account Structure

Account Fields and budget codings are custom configured to match your district's account structure.

General Ledger

Budget, Budget FTE, Actuals, Encumbrance and Performance Statistics are included in the general ledger.

Financial Journals

Journals and worksheets are easily edited and validity checked including state combination requirements.

School-based Budgeting

School Position allocations plus date-sequenced assignments result in accurate school-based budgets.

Budget Planning

Build Budget Models as Plans rather than endless, time-consuming adjustments to match actuals and cover POs.

Multi-Year Budgets

For better planning, build Multi-year budgets based on Strategic Multi-year assumptions and educational goals.

Salary Projections

At the drop of a hat, your budget can be updated with the latest year-to-date salary and benefits projection.

Performance Indicators

Ledgers will allow you to compare financial data for accountability and building key performance indicators.

Financial Analysis

Flexible report writers with selection, totaling and styling options provide extensive financial analysis capabilities.

Manager Reports

Financial reporting via mobile and web apps provide time-saving, up-to-date information for managers.

Importing & Exporting

Importing and exporting between Analytic and your host financial system keeps budgets in sync.

Award Winning

Create meritorious budget award winning documents with Analytic's budgeting tools and elegant reports.